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New International Manual - CD-ROM

CD-ROM version |
Print version | Braille version

The CD-ROM edition of New International Manual of Braille Music Notation brings braille music to life via your computer. Available only from Opus Technologies, 1997, ISBN: 1 - 892195 - 01 - 1.

[CD icon] This multimedia CD-ROM includes the complete text of the print (282 pages). Use your PC to access text, music, and examples. Includes audio playback of every musical example and detailed listings of every braille example. An invaluable resource for braille transcribers, blind musicians, music students, parents, educators, schools and libraries. Preview the Manual's contents.

[New International Manual CD-ROM cover] For the first time ever in the history of braille music publications, the New International Manual of Braille Music Notation arrives as an interactive multimedia CD-ROM edition, exclusively from Opus Technologies. Features found only on the CD-ROM:

  • Navigate quickly with hyperlinks
  • Listen to audio playback of 247 music examples
  • Detailed listings of every braille sign in each example
  • Clickable print music - instantly find the braille equivalent
  • Popup definitions of braille signs, just click on any braille sign
  • Search topics by index entry
  • Search braille signs by standard braille order
  • Find every instance of a term with the "find" command
  • Pictures of the Saanen conference delegates and the Braille Music Subcommittee

Presenting a new standard for the New International standard. The New International Manual of Braille Music Notation documents the latest braille music signs and rules adopted as the new international standard by 16 countries worldwide.

Opus Braille Music Reference Multimedia CD-ROM Library. Opus Technologies is the leading provider of multimedia braille music reference materials for the blind and visually-impaired community. This CD-ROM edition of the New International Manual of Braille Music Notation is the first volume of the Multimedia CD-ROM Library. Also available as a print version and a braille version.

Praise for the New International Manual on CD-ROM:

You really have produced an outstanding tool for people like me
who deal with braille music every day.
- Christian Waldvogel, Swiss Delegate
Saanen Conference on Braille Music

One of the best reference software I have used in recent years...
Great work, Opus!
- Richard Roy, Developer


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