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OpusDots Lite

NOW SHIPPING! OpusDots Lite is a new software system for transcribing printed sheet music into music braille. The product is intended to be used by sighted individuals, such as parents, teachers, aides and transcribers, who know basic print music notation but may not know braille. The software uses new proprietary Scan and Click technology, which lets the user scan the printed sheet music with a scanner, then enter the musical elements by clicking over them in the scanned image. The entered music is then translated automatically into music braille.

View the OpusDots Lite Product Announcement by clicking here.

View the OpusDots Lite product brochure in color as Adobe Acrobat pdf files by clicking below:

OpusDots Lite Color Brochure Page 1 Adobe Acrobat pdf file (103KB)
OpusDots Lite Color Brochure Page 2 Adobe Acrobat pdf file (122KB)


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